What We Do

We organise events that will raise money for the charity. This is a small charity, which does not employ any staff, and so we plan to typically organise just one or two events per year. We anticipate that these events will primarily be attended by Elliot's friends and family, but the more the merrier - everyone is welcome! 


Whenever possible, we try to raise money whilst also encouraging people to challenge themselves, and to do something outside of their comfort zone/ that they wouldn't usually do. This was part of Elliot's wish; he wanted any legacy to encourage people to live full lives, to have adventures and to make the most of the time they have. 

A large number of excellent charities already exist and we don’t want to duplicate effort. As such, our charity’s model is to raise funds in memory of Elliot, and to donate the funds raised to a selection of pre-existing charities that align with Elliot’s core values. Each year we will keep this website updated with the charities that receive donations from the Elliot Dallen Trust. The chosen charities will be carefully selected, and will always be in line with our charitable objects.

Our chosen charities for 2021/22 include Maggie'sWorld Land Trust and AMEND.


Amongst other services, Maggie's offer free sessions with a qualified psychologist for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. After receiving his diagnosis, Elliot was able to see a psychologist for a number of sessions through Maggie's, which he found to be very helpful.


Our donation to AMEND will specifically support adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) research. You can find out more about ACC here.

       Friends of Elliot on a 77 mile sponsored walk around the Isle of Wight, raising funds in his memory.

In addition to supporting fundraising events for the charity, we also really encourage people to undertake direct charitable actions which align with Elliot's values. We understand that some people will prefer to give their time rather than money. For example, you may wish to volunteer at a tree planting event which is being run by another organisation, in memory of Elliot. If you aim to take action in memory of Elliot via a route such as this then please do 'Make a Pledge' for the year ahead. Email us to let us know what you plan to do that year in memory of Elliot and we will post your pledge on our Pledge Wall.


Similarly, if you wish to set yourself your own unique, personal challenge (e.g. to run a half marathon) as a way to raise money for the Elliot Dallen Trust, then please do let us know so that we can add it to the Pledge Wall.

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Elliot's Values and Our Aims

The aims of the charity completely align with the causes that were closest to Elliot's heart. These include:

  • Helping people who are suffering from a life-limiting or terminal illness.

  • Protecting the environment.

  • Helping people who are vulnerable and/ or disadvantaged in society.