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About Us

We are a UK based, registered charity, that was established in 2021 in memory of Elliot Dallen, who died in September 2020, aged 31. The purpose of the Elliot Dallen Trust is to support the causes that were closest to Elliot's heart. 

Elliot's mum, dad and sister are the charity's trustees, and take on this role as unpaid volunteers. Elliot's close friends also help with organising events.

About Elliot

Elliot was born in Cardiff, and he lived there until he was 18. He then went to Exeter University, where he received a first class degree in Economics, before moving to London, where he qualified and worked as a chartered accountant. Elliot loved live music, festivals, travel, many sports, reading and spending time with those closest to him. He was loved by so many people!

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Elliot was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) in May 2018, aged 29, and died in September 2020, aged 31. ACC is an aggressive cancer that affects approximately one in a million people per year. You can find out more about ACC here. Unfortunately, most ACCs are diagnosed at advanced stages. 


Elliot found it difficult to find blogs written by people who had the same kind of cancer as him, and so he decided to start his own. One of the reasons Elliot started his blog was to help other people that found themselves in a similar position to him. He also wanted a simple and efficient way to keep his friends updated on his treatment. Elliot was always a big reader but he didn’t have much experience of writing before starting his blog. He came to enjoy writing and he found that people liked his writing style. In addition to writing his blog, The Cortisol Diaries, Elliot wrote two articles for The Guardian in the months preceding his death. Elliot's Guardian articles moved many readers to donate to Trekstock, his chosen charity. Over £46,000 has been raised for Trekstock in Elliot's name. Incredibly, Elliot's second article also made it into 'The 200 Moments That Made the Guardian', during The Guardian's 200th birthday celebration in May 2021. Elliot would have loved this! 


Elliot was a fantastic son, brother, partner and friend. He didn’t have any children, but he wanted to leave a lasting positive impact on the world. Elliot supported a number of charities throughout his life and was fortunate enough to be able to leave money to a number of charities in his will. In order to continue to do good in Elliot’s name we have started the Elliot Dallen Trust, to support the causes that were closest to Elliot's heart.

Contact Us

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You can get in touch via email using .

Please note that the Elliot Dallen Trust will make grants to UK registered charities whose charitable purpose(s) match the objects of the Elliot Dallen Trust, as outlined within the Trust Deed. As a small charity with limited resources, the trustees will carry out their own research in order to select suitable charities. Unfortunately we are not able to consider unsolicited applications from charities for funding.

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