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This is where we will post information about upcoming events, as well as events gone by. 

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we have been rather limited to date. However we are hoping to organise a fundraising event soon. If you would like to join us please do Contact Us to find out more.

                                            Elliot planting trees at his birthday event in November 2019.

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Pledge Wall


We pledge to walk the entire Isle of Wight Coastal Path (70 miles) in October 2020 to raise funds in memory of Elliot.


Pledged by: Matt, Vinh, Nicola and Dan (September 2020)

Achieved: October 2020

We completed the Coastal Path, walking 77 miles through some sunshine and lots of rain, raising over £6,000 in Elliot's name. The four of us saw each other at our best and our worst. Feels great to have completed it!

walk vinh etc.jpg

We pledge to do the Cotswold Way Walk, which is over 100 miles, to raise money in Elliot's name.  We plan to do this in August 2020.


Pledged by: Ed and Sam (July 2020)

Achieved: September 2020

We've done it! 100 miles and over 5,300m elevation in 5 days. Well deserved pint at the end!


I pledge to run the 2021 London Marathon (42km around the city of London on 3rd October), raising money for the Elliot Dallen Trust.


Pledged by: Lizzie Metcalfe (May 2021)

Achieved: October 2021


I completed the marathon more quickly than I expected to and raised over £1,300 for the charity. Feeling great!

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I pledge to undertake a trail running series of 3 races in the hills of Islamabad, Pakistan, covering: 6km (600m incline), 11k (800m incline) and, if I'm still fit, 21km (1000m incline). It takes place Jan-Feb 2022.


Pledged by: Sam Fell (January 2022)

If you'd like to make a pledge (either to raise money for the charity or to commit yourself to a personal challenge - or both!), then please let us know.