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Get Involved

You can get involved by making a personal pledge (please see below for further details).


We also hold some group events from time to time. e.g. tree planting and our Annual Charity Gala. If you would like to join us, please do Contact Us to find out more.

                                            Elliot planting trees at his birthday event in November 2019.

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Pledge Wall

Pledge Wall

We pledge to walk the entire Isle of Wight Coastal Path (70 miles) in October 2020 to raise funds in memory of Elliot.


Pledged by: Matt, Vinh, Nicola and Dan (September 2020)

Achieved: October 2020

We completed the Coastal Path, walking 77 miles through some sunshine and lots of rain, raising over £6,000 in Elliot's name. The four of us saw each other at our best and our worst. Feels great to have completed it!

walk vinh etc.jpg

We pledge to do the Cotswold Way Walk, which is over 100 miles, to raise money in Elliot's name.  We plan to do this in August 2020.


Pledged by: Ed and Sam (July 2020)

Achieved: September 2020

We've done it! 100 miles and over 5,300m elevation in 5 days. Well deserved pint at the end!


I pledge to run the 2021 London Marathon (42km around the city of London on 3rd October), raising money for the Elliot Dallen Trust.


Pledged by: Lizzie Metcalfe (May 2021)

Achieved: October 2021


I completed the marathon more quickly than I expected to and raised over £1,300 for the charity. Feeling great!

thumbnail_IMG-20211010-WA0010 Lizzie.jpg

I pledge to undertake a trail running series of 3 races in the hills of Islamabad, Pakistan, covering: 6km (600m incline), 11k (800m incline) and, if I'm still fit, 21km (1000m incline). It takes place Jan-Feb 2022.


Pledged by: Sam Fell (January 2022)

Achieved: March 2022

Completed! I managed the entire fell series, covering 40.5km, and 2.6m ascent/decent, in the beautiful Pakistani hills. We raised £1750 so thank you everyone!

79c690fd-1fd7-4a7d-a21e-47e7c2fcae49 Sam Fell.jpg

I pledge to ask for money rather than gifts for my birthday in March to allow me to pledge £200 to this wonderful charity and its causes.


Pledged by: Michaela Rogers (January 2022)

Achieved: March 2022

As requested, my generous family and friends gave me money for my birthday, rather than gifts. Therefore I have been able to donate £200 to the Elliot Dallen Trust.

I pledge to run the Race To The Tower ultramarathon, 52.4 miles along the Cotswold Way, to raise funds in memory of El. The race takes place 25 June 2022.


Pledged by: Tom Millington (April 2022)

Achieved: June 2022

I raised £968 for charity in memory of El.
El would definitely be both
surprised and impressed that I completed a double marathon in 11 hours. 

Tom millington.jpg









If you'd like to make a pledge (either to raise money for the charity or to commit yourself to a personal challenge - or both!), then please let us know.

We pledge to ask for charitable donations rather than gifts for our wedding, and to donate half to the Elliot Dallen Trust.


Pledged by: Sarah and Michael Che (January 2022)

Achieved: February 2022

We had a wonderful Wedding Day and Elliot was in our thoughts. We have donated £750!

sarah .jpg

We pledge to make a donation to the Elliot Dallen Trust in lieu of traditional favours at our wedding on 28th May 2022.


Pledged by: Aoibheann and Stu Hornbuckle (April 2022)

Achieved: May 2022

We donated £1,000 and had a fabulous Wedding Day! 


We pledge to complete the Bacchus 10k at Denbies Vineyard. The hilly course will include wine, cheese and eclair stops. 


Pledged by: Stu, Smith, Kyle and Brock     (August 2022)

Achieved: September 2022

We completed the course, with Smith finishing 9/600, raising over £2,500 for the Trust!

smith etc.jpg

I pledge to complete the Capital Ring Walk around London (78 miles) over the Easter Weekend 2023. 


Pledged by: Matt Lewis (January 2023)

Achieved: April 2023

I completed the walk, joined by friends and family along the way, raising over £2,000 for the charity.


As a team, we pledge to complete a series of challenges, including a half marathon, a marathon, two Olympic distance trathlons and two Half Ironman distance triathlons, all in an effort to raise money in Elliot's memory.


Pledged by: Ed Boulton, Mark Jones and Adam Jones  (January 2023)


Achieved: June 2023

We succeeded in getting over the line with our £2,000 fundraising target and, despite a number of obstacles along the way (including some injuries, crashes, and mechanical issues), we also all physically stumbled over the line in our final triathlon challenges!

We pledge to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon for the charity on 8th Oct 2023, assuming we can get a place. 


Pledged by: Stu Hanson, Sam Thomas and Richard Smith (January 2023)

Achieved: Sept-Oct 2023

Sam and Smith both got places and completed the half marathon. Sadly Stu didn't get a place, and so he ran the Swansea Bay 10k instead (Sam joined him just for fun!). Some excellent times and £1,255 raised for the charity!!

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